Riseria Campanini has distinguished itself for 90 years on the market for its attention to its customers and invests resources every day to allow the best traceability of its products, not only to fulfill legal obligations but also and above all to build a relationship of trust with their customers.

To guarantee the quality and genuineness of our products more and more, we have relied on the innovative blockchain technology, in order to complement our Ifs, Bio, and Kosher quality certifications with the  transparency on the processing phases of our product.

This is an innovative and continuously updated experimental project which, through the blockchain, allows information to be recorded in a secure, immutable and verifiable way.

Thanks to the QR code on the package, our customers discover the characteristics of our semi-finished organic rice, its origin and the checks and analyzes carried out on each batch. All this is accessible through a simple click of the smartphone.

For any further clarification and / or curiosity regarding the project and documentation, Riseria Campanini is at your disposal at the following addresses:

tel. 0376340170 e-mail: info@riseriacampanini.it

We give below more details on Blockchain registrations for our products:
For the experimental test phase on the three batches of 2020 Campanini Bio Semi-finished Rice, the project initially envisaged the recording of the data in the TestNet network. At least one  registration as a summary was made on the ethereum main net platform. Therefore, the summary data of the product history relating to each batch on the market were recorded in at least one transaction in the main net.Once the experimental phase was completed, for all subsequent batches only transactions were carried out on the ethereum network in the main net.

Energy value 350 Kcal
1483 kJ
satured fat
2,2 g
0,7 g
74 g
1 g
Dietary Fiber 2,2 g
Proteins 7,8 g
Salt 0,025 g
Average values for 100g of product *
(* Source: Ente Nazionale Risi)


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